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Swingers Delhi

A surprising number of Wives are the first to bring up swinging. Ladies find themselves in a position of control. They enjoy a sense of freedom they never thought possible. What loving Husband wouldn’t want his Wife to enjoy that, and what Wife wouldn’t appreciate a Husband who gives her that kind of freedom. Once a line communication is opened, a deeper trust ensues, and the couple becomes even closer. The uninformed may think a swing party is a “free-for-all”. It is not. Touching without asking may get you thrown out. No defiantly means NO at any swingers event. You should never feel like you are required to do anything you are not comfortable with at the club. The lifestyle is all about doing what you want. Not about being forced into doing something you are not comfortable with. Swinging should be pure Joi.


Many couples start as voyeurs and gradually work their way toward the full swing experience.


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